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How long does Running Wheel take to deliver?

We dispatch products within 24-48 business hours of placing an order, and delivery takes 2-6 working days across Europe. And 6-12 business days to USA and Canada. 7-8 to United Kingdom.

What materials are used for running wheel creation?

There are 2 main materials used for the wheel creation:

For Plywood Category Wheels

  • Meranti and Birtch wood,

For Regular Wheels

  • Kiln-dried pine sticks.

How can you protect the wheel from dirt if an animal poops in it?

The wheel can be treated with beeswax, but most customers do not want to because they prefer clean wood for their animals. Therefore, we also do not offer wheel processing for this function.

How to properly clean the wheel if it is dirty?

The wheel can be cleaned with a minimally moistened cloth.

How to protect a stroller from rodent teeth so it does not destroy the wheel?

If your animal likes to chew everything in its cage, we offer the front wheel with a protective aluminum strip.

Can't an animal gnaw the rear edge of the wheel?

Theoretically, he has such an opportunity, but practice shows that trying to bite the rear edge of the wheel is not comfortable for him. Instead, they prefer to gnaw on the wheel's outer edge while sitting in it. An aluminum protective strip is provided for this.

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